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The objective of this course is: Explain the difference between a bad attitude and a good attitude in the early childhood profession

The objective of this course is: participants will be able to utilize different transition activities in their setting to minimize wait time.

The objective of this course is: 

To reveal the “light” about the sun’s rays to protect the children in our care 

The objective of this course is: 

Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of engaging children in whole body learning activities.

The objective of this course is: Learn ways to encourage conversation between children by urging them to ask questions of each other and engage in interesting conversations among themselves.

The objective in this course is: 

  • List basic ways to teach manners.

  • Explore children’s books that focus on friendship, sharing, and good manners.

  • Demonstrate developmentally appropriate activities to expand on topics shared in children’s books.

Level:   Basic (2hrs)

Training Areas:

DHR Area:  Health, Safety and Universal Precautions (HSUP)
CKA Area:  Health, Safety and Nutrition (HSN)
CDA Area:  1 

CCDF Area: 1, 13                

(For further interpretation, please read the Learning Legend found in the Newsletter.)