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What is the sweetest state in the south? Alabama, of course! In this 2-hour training we will visit the history, culture, and the foods of Alabama through the eyes of children. Come along with us and discover things that are simply Alabama.

Intermediate, DHR-HSUP; CKA-HSN; CDA- 1, 7; CCDF- 4, 20; ASELD-PDH; QRIS-1; I/T 

Most babies begin eating solid food around six months. As they experiment with new flavors and textures, they will indicate their likes and dislikes. You may also observe some reactions that indicate they have an allergy to that food. How do you know if it is an allergy or just food intolerance? This training will identify common food allergy reactions and how to handle them, keeping the infants and toddlers in your care safe.