The objective of this course is: 

  • Create the ideal classroom setting

  • Identify the effects of stress on children’s cognitive development, learning and behavior

  • Explore strategies to structure the children's environment for optimum growth and development

The objectives of this course is: 

  • Review current research

  • Observe/employ various forms of humor

  • Develop goals and action plan

The objective of this course is: Gain a better understanding of the emphasis that should be upon the needs of children and their families, and upon the ways in which those needs may best be met.


1. Define early childhood assessment and define its role in early childhood education.

2. Connect assessments with education theory.

3. Will hypothesize why assessments are important.

4. Differentiate between formative and summative assessments.

5. Devise a plan to use data from assessments to guide learning. 

DHR Minimum Standards Training Area: AM, QCCL