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  • This course will serve as an orientation for participants new to the online learning environment. 

    Goals for this training:

    --Participants will  become familiar with the Moodle site and the classroom features for future trainings.

    --Participants will navigate the Moodle classroom and identify helpful tools and resources available on the Moodle classroom.

  • Goal:  At the end of this session, participants will be able to demonstrate a variety of activities to extend various Eric Carle books for greater learning with young children.

    Objectives:  Participants will:

    -Identify who Eric Carle is.

    -Name at least seven books authored/illustrated by Eric Carle.

    -Demonstrate preschool learning activities that complement a variety of Carle books.


Child Care Central's e-learning training is designed to meet the training needs of different types of providers, including, infant/toddler providers, preschool providers, family child care providers, and center directors.

New sessions will be offered each month.

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