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User profile fields/new accounts

by Stacey Robison -

Again, please be aware that all user profile fields, to include city/town, must be completed. Any account with an incomplete profile on 9/22/23 will be suspended and is subject to deletion at any time. If an account is deleted for this reason, the individual will be banned from future use of the site. Also, as has been stated on the home page for the entire quarter, NO new accounts will be created between 9/16 and 10/2. If you send/sent a request for new accounts during this period, they will be deleted and MUST be resubmitted AFTER 10/2/23.

eLearning upgrades

by Jeff Robison -

As many of you are aware, the site has been down since yesterday for upgrades. Before restoring the site, I wanted to give everyone a heads up that MAJOR changes have been made to the appearance of the site. Everything that was on the site before is still there, it just looks different and require slightly different navigation. Please take a look at the upgraded site when you have a chance and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks for your patience. 


by Jeff Robison -

Please be aware that eLearning will NOT be available on 8/22/2023. The site will be down for maintenance and upgrades that day. Barring any unforeseen problems, the site will be available again on 8/23/2023.

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